Detailed Chimney Cleaning in Westland, MI

Based in Westland, Michigan, Professional Chimney Service of Michigan offers full service chimney and fireplace cleaning, and chimney inspections. We are known throughout the region for our amazing customer service and commitment to excellence in workmanship.

Cleaning and Inspections

Keep your chimney safe and clean with our chimney cleaning in Westland, Michigan, and detailed inspections. If you are purchasing a home or are in need of a standard inspection, we offer level one and level two camera inspections. Every city has its own standards when it comes to chimney safety, and we keep in touch with city officials to ensure we are up-to-date on current requirements. If we find something during our inspection, we are experts in animal and debris removal and will handle every aspect of the blockage removal process. We are also skilled in chimney repair and building, as well as tuck pointing.


If you would like to update your current chimney or fireplace, we offer installation services. Chase cover installation is our passion, and we are considered experts in this respect. We also handle gas log, wood burning stove, and glass door installation, and we can reline your chimney as needed.


Customer Service

You will never get behind on your chimney cleaning again when you schedule ahead for your next required service. We help you keep on top of your chimney maintenance needs with our forward scheduling services. Protecting your family and your business is our top priority. A dirty or blocked chimney can be dangerous to your family and loved ones. We offer the highest standards for workmanship because we understand the importance of our work. All of the items and services we offer are under warranty, and we never outsource a job.

Competitive Pricing

Everyone should be able to afford to keep their family safe and healthy. Please review our basic pricing schedule to see how we can save you money on your chimney and fireplace maintenance:

• Basic Chimney Cleaning From $175
• Level Two Chimney Cleaning and Inspections From $200
• Level Two Camera Inspections from $125
• Caps From $120
• Damper Caps From $350
• Gutter Cleaning from $75
• Gas Log Tune Up and Accessories starting at $156.95
• Chimney Rebuilds and Masonry, Chimney Caps, Chimney Damper Caps, Chase Covers, Gas Log Install

• Flashing Repairs From $80
• Service Calls From $85
• Basic Level One Chimney Inspections From $85
• Dryer Vent Cleaning from $99

Chimney cleaning in Westland, MI

Why Your Chimney Needs a Cap

The chimney cap sits on the very top of the chimney and serves as a cover for the inside of the chimney. They are relatively inexpensive, usually made of copper or steel, and are too often forgotten about, especially considering how important they are. Chimney caps have the simple yet vital purpose of preventing objects that do not belong in the chimney from entering in the first place.

Common but troublesome chimney visitors are little animals looking for a warm place to stay. A recently used fireplace creates a warm chimney that attracts birds and squirrels. These critters only want a cozy place to weather the upcoming winter, but this can cause some serious problems for you. Any kind of obstruction in your chimney prevents the smoke and other toxic gases from properly venting. As a result, these gases backtrack right into your home, which can have potentially deadly consequences like carbon monoxide poisoning. You can easily prevent this issue by having a well-fitted chimney cap installed.

Another purpose of the chimney cap is to keep water from leaking inside. It surprises some homeowners that water can actually cause extensive damage to your chimney. The water will rust the steel flue lining, causing it to deteriorate. This then exposes the interior of the chimney structure to water. If you have a masonry chimney, the water will absorb right into the structure and degrade the materials throughout the freeze and thaw cycles of winter. The chimney may eventually crack or even collapse. Water can also seep all the way into your fireplace and rust your damper assembly. You may even see water damage on the walls and ceiling surrounding your fireplace. All of this damage can add up to a lot of money in repairs, so spending a little upfront for a chimney cap does not seem like such a bad idea after all.