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With all of our highly experienced and friendly masonry specialists on staff, we are your one-stop for expert masonry repair in Wayne County, MI. We specialize in matching the brick and mortar color to allow for a virtually undetectable repair.

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Shifting and settling soils can cause stress on a home's foundation. Foundation repairs, although necessary in many instances, are undetectable in a home's appearance, but poorly performed brick repair and mortar repair will always be visible. Ensure that this repair is done right by calling an expert in the field.

Small repair? Not to worry, our repairs range from a single brick or mortar crack to complete builds of brick and mortar repair to your home or business and at a price that is less than our competitors.

High quality, matching mortar repair is our specialty. So for mortar cracks, cracked brick, failing arch entryways, porches and steps, and brick wall and chimney repairs call today for a free estimate, questions, or to have the work scheduled.

When You Need Maintenance

Common maintenance tasks for brick masonry is the repair of mortar joints. Mortar joints will vary with the exposure conditions and the mortar materials used, but a life of more than 45 years is typical. The brick, however, may exceed 100 years. Occasional repair of the mortar joints is expected over the life of the brick. Repointing deteriorated mortar joints is one of the most effective and permanent ways of decreasing water entry into brickwork. This is because the most common means of water entry into a brick masonry wall is through cracked or deteriorated mortar joints.

One critical step in the repointing operation is to identify the wall areas which require repointing. Original mortar joints in good condition are preferred over repointed mortar joints. Conditions that may require repointing include: (1) mortar erosion more than 3/8″, (2) crumbling mortar, (3) hairline cracks in the mortar, and (4) cracks between the brick and mortar. We visually inspect your entire home free of charge to determine repair needs.

Masonry Repair in Wayne County, MI

Brick and Mortar Repair Color Matching

Designers have used mortar color for years to complement brickwork. We specialize in determining the closest shade possible to your colored mortar to give the best match possible of your original work. The first step toward achieving a consistent mortar color is using the same ingredients as the home or building was built with.

Brick and Mortar Repair & Replacement

Brick replacement involves carefully cutting out and replacing deteriorated bricks with full-size matching or very closely-matching bricks.

We specialize in pointing and filling brick and mortar cracks that occur due to the settlement of foundations. We also restore to its original condition brick walls, columns, chimneys, fireplaces, porches, arches, etc. that have been damaged. After our job is completed, the damage is as close to undetectable as possible.